Thursday, May 13, 2010

Please check out my new website

Hello.  This blog has been retired, for now.  Please go on over to my new website,, to see my comprehensive collection of original video, art, and music.  Thanks.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Actor's Reel

Hello, thanks for stopping by the site. Please check out the full length episodes, commercials and clips featuring yours truly.

As Seen On TV (TV Pilot)

Net 10 Commercial

Battle of the Band (TV Pilot)

Theme Song from Battle of the Band, "Blistering Gonads" (Phil lyrics and vocals)

Battle of the Band (Preview)

Scenes from "Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow" (Feature Film)

Zombie Joke 1

Zombie Joke 2

Mediocre New York (Internet Series)
The mediocre coffee shop

Interview with a mediocre apartment renter

A mediocre spotlight on that NYC fixture, the New York Inn

An interview with an owner of a mediocre car

Mistletoe This, an internet Street Fighter 4 Commercial

Scenes from the play Cafe Antarsia

Start Trekkin NY, live at Big Apple Comicon, part 1

Start Trekkin NY , live improvised episode part 2

The Green, a psychedelic family reunion

Because Everybody Needs a Holiday

Headshot, Resume, and Performance Photos

click on head shot to enlarge

click on resume to enlarge

As Mystical Bill in the feature film
Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow

A Flackman Bros production

Images from C. and Hammermill's 12 day play,
Frontier and the Kings of Prussia
in Prague, Czech Republic

click on images to enlarge
Images from C. and Hammermill's
King (if the Air is there)
performed in Prague and Philadelphia, PA

Improvising with Start Trekkin NY

Images from Amargo, the Lorca Tritico in NYC

Images from TV and web shows with One Light Productions

Images from the play Brains in NYC

Singing as The Post Relevant Movement for The Troy Westfield Experience

Lead singer Vox Goddington for the hard rock cover band Rok Goddington